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Prof. Dr. Joost van Treeck at dmexco 2017
Psychographic Targeting: The Trump Effect in Marketing

"Through psychographics, predicting customers' behavior is reaching the next level. The masterminds on this panel are going to shed some light on psychographic targeting and how to read a user's digital body language. Psychographics have become a very controversial topic since the last US elections, and they might turn into the next big thing in media planning, with successful cases of brands boosting conversion rates. Let's discuss whether the ability to foresee consumers' digital behavior will finally enable us to deliver genuinely personalized messages and campaigns, and eventually even the products and services that specific customers want and need. Some of the most brilliant experts in the field of psychographic research will present an exciting picture of what we are capable of doing already by means of psychographic targeting — and of how to deal with this data power for the benefit of everyone involved." (dmexco 2017)